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It is to think of you, in your doubts, questions or suggestions about health, Diabetes, Pain Go, Weight Loss, Liver Care, Kidney Stone and well-being that we are also available online.

Quality Policy and Commitment:
Naveenya Kaya Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (India) exceeds its customers' expectations through efficient and qualified processes.

Year after year, the company invests millions of reais in the preparation of tests, ensuring that each of its products reaches the highest standards of quality and safety.

Naveenya Kaya Healthcare's research and development team of experts in the fields of toxicology, pharmacology, microbiology, chemistry and biochemistry carefully evaluate all the ingredients of the finished products.

Clinical tests are performed in independent laboratories: volunteers use products under strict supervision and evaluation by dermatologists and certified ophthalmologists. Conducting the tests in the laboratory has priority to ensure that no irritations and allergies occur.

Naveenya Kaya Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. does not perform animal tests. Before any product is made available on the market, it is necessary to comply with strict requirements of regulatory agencies.

The company supports the products sold through Health Consultants (s) with guarantee of high levels of satisfaction.

Leave us your question and in less than 72 hours we will respond. Our technical team consists of one doctor and five nutritionists so that all the information you have access to is the safest and most suitable, helping you to have a Healthy Life.

We do not just want to sell, we want to relate to you. Our happiness is to see your goal come true. Therefore, we have a team specialized in the subject that will assist you through our communication channels.

You can contact us through the contact form, phone call or E-mail if you want:

  • Ask any question regarding our consultation and anything else;
  • Ask any future personalized offers or information of products.

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