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In order for you to easily and quickly get answers to most typical questions, we have collected the questions most often asked by our customers.

When will I get an order confirmation?
We will send an order confirmation per. Email immediately after you have paid for your order.

Can you ship the items per. COD?
No, unfortunately, it is not possible to send items per item. COD. Payment by netbanking/debit / credit card is your security for secure trading.

I have paid for my goods. Where can I see when my package is coming?
You can easily check order status and track your package by clicking the My Orders item under "My Order Page" when logged in to Visionayuveda.com. If you pay on weekdays before 13, you can expect the package to be shipped from us the same day.

I've got a new address - what do I do?
Log in to Visionayuveda.com with your username and password. Then click on "My Order Page" and select the My Addresses point. Here you can add a new address and select it as the default address. If you register multiple addresses, you can choose which one you want to be delivered to when you pay for an order.

I have an invoice with an old address. What do I do?
The default of your shipping addresses will also automatically be selected as the invoice address. It is therefore important that you make sure that it is the correct invoice address, which is a stardard address before you pay. After that, it is not possible to change. You can add and change invoice and delivery addresses under the My Addresses section under "My Order Page."

I wish to unsubscribe or unsubscribe from your newsletter. How do I do it?
You can sign up for our newsletter by registering as a new user and ticking the "newsletter" field in connection with the registration. If you've already registered as a customer and wish to sign up for or unsubscribe from our newsletter, you can do this via the My Profile point under "My Order page". Remember to click "save changes" after you change your sign up status.

Is it possible to pick up my purchased items from you?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to pick up items directly with us.

There is a bug on an item I have received. What do I do?
If there is an error you received from us, we ask you to file a complaint so that it can be resolved as soon as possible. To do this, log in to Visionayuveda.com and click on the "Customer Service" item under "My Order Page". Select the Warranty / Warranty category when creating the support case.

I have not received all the items I have paid for. What do I do?
To let us know that you are missing a product or you have received a wrong item, please log in to Visionayuveda.com and click on the "Customer Service" item under "My Order Page". Select the Delivery Error tab when creating the support layer.

I wish to regret the purchase of a received item. Can I cover the shipping costs I have to return the item?
No. If you wish to return a product using your 14-day cancellation right, you must pay to return the item to us. We will, of course, refund the full amount that you have paid to us if the item is returned within the deadline and is in the same condition and quantity. See more about this in our terms of trade. Before returning, we recommend that you register a support case by clicking on the "Customer Service" item under "My Order Page". Select the 14-day withdrawal right category. Please do not send a return item until you have received a response from us. This avoids misunderstandings.

Are prices on Visionayuveda.com inclusive of GST?
Yes, all prices on Visionayuveda.com are inclusive of Indian GST (up to 28%).

What happens if I do not pick up my package?
Should you forget to pick up your package in mailbox, it will be sent back to us. Remember to pick it up on time. If we receive a package return without hearing anything from you, we will contact you to agree on the further course.

I have not received an order confirmation per. mail. Why not?
Unfortunately, an email from us is blocked by a spam filter. We cannot guarantee 100% that this does not happen and we will not get any feedback about it if that happens. However, you can always see all relevant information such as order status, package numbers, invoices, etc. under "My order page." Please add us as a "secure sender" to your e-mail program or by your e-mail provider to ensure that our mail to you is not blocked.

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